Interior Design

White Dot Design is my Interior Design practice and I've worked on many commercial and residential projects. All aspects of design are covered from the smallest detail to the overall concept. I work with architects and contracters supplying colour schemes, electrical layouts, product recommendation and supply. Each project is unique and I work closely with the client to achieve their own unique interior.

My background in Fine Art, gives me a keen eye for detail - the entire property becoming a canvas and my aim for every project is to create a beautiful home that makes you smile. Whatever your requirement, be it advice regarding colour, room layout, product research, the renovation of a single room or the design of an entire house, office or garden, White Dot Design provides a professional, practical and personalised service that’s tailored to meet your individual expectations and budget.

Please scroll through the images of some (not all) the projects I've worked on. I hope you like what you see and if you have a project you would like to discuss, please do get in contact.